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CTA Grading Experts
PO Box 2556
Rohnert Park, CA 94927

Welcome to the CTA Grading Experts Website

Sports and collectible cards are a great hobby, and in recent times they have become a valuable investment. Every month price guides report some sports cards being sold for thousands of dollars, sometime tens of thousands. If you have collectible cards, shouldn't you do everything you can to protect your investment, just in case that rookie becomes the next Michael Jordan?
So, you know that your sports and collectible cards are potentially worth a small fortune, but how do you protect their value?
Even more importantly is there a way that you can increase their value?

The answer to both of these questions is to have your card graded by CTA Grading Experts. Having a card graded involves the card being evaluated to determine how close it is to perfection in areas such as corners, print quality and centering. The closer a card is to perfect in the various areas, the higher the cards grade score. The higher the cards grade score, the more valuable the card is. Cards that go through the grading process and come out with high scores have sold for up to 10 times the value of non-graded cards.

Now that you know how to increase the value, what about protecting the value? When you have a card graded by CTA grading experts, we take great care to make sure that your card is not damaged during the grading process, and when we are finished grading, we put your card in a virtually unbreakable crystal clear encasment, that keeps the card positioned perfectly forever. Additionally, during our grading process your card is provided with a tracking number that attaches your name to it, similar to car registration, this process insures that your card is identified as yours until you choose to sell it.

CTA grading experts offers the most advanced sports cards and collectible grading in the industry we are setting a new standard for collectible card authenticators. CTA grading features:

  • Crystal Clear Encasement to protect your collectible investment.
  • A full grading report with each graded card
  • 8 Zone, 186 pt computerized grading system
    with an industry standard 1-10 labeled grade and an 11th grade.
  • Encasement and registration service for 1 of 1's and numbered cards that do not require a grade due to rarity. This service tracks ownership of a card with a unique number assigned to the card. This information is stored in our extensive database as long as you own the card. No other grading company offers this.
    **14 business days

CTA grading experts the most advanced sports card and collectible card grading company period.

The Worlds First Grading Company with a Computer Calculated Grade

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